Behind the Scenes at Altissia: Diane, Account Manager

Altissia Team

16 January 2024

In a few words, could you explain to us what you do at Altissia?

Hello! I’m Diane, an Account Manager working at Altissia for over two years, and I thrive every day in my mission. As an Account Manager, it’s my job to make every language project a success for the client and the learners. The clients I look after include academic institutions (B2E), training bodies (B2P) and businesses (B2B) – all active in the French market. The actual learners are typically students, individuals or employees, all aiming to improve their language skills, and I try to be their best ally in this process.
I strive to understand and meet the specific needs of each client. I listen closely to what they have to say, try to solve their problems, answer their questions and make sure they have everything they need to use the e-learning platform effectively. To sum up, I’m the link between Altissia as a company and my clients, making sure that everything runs smoothly, and that each user feels supported and motivated in their language learning journey.

What languages do you speak?

I speak French and English, but especially the “client’s language”!

As an Account Manager, it’s important to speak the same language as the client, to use the same vocabulary so that you’re as close as possible to their realities.

For example, depending on what the client calls them, I might call the end users “learners”, “trainees”, “employees” or even “candidates”.

I’ll also adapt my level of technical or pedagogical language according to the expertise of the people I’m conversing with, be they teachers, language school coordinators, IT managers, or HR directors.

Being an Account Manager means also being a maestro, making sure every word spoken strikes a harmonious chord with the client!

What are the key elements for guaranteeing quality and success in the projects you manage at Altissia?

Success in an online language learning project depends on numerous factors.

In my opinion, you need to have all of the following to ensure a successful project: - An understanding of specific needs - High-quality pedagogical content - A user-friendly platform - Personalised monitoring - Measurement of progress - Accessibility - Ongoing motivation - Efficient technical support - Constant evolution

At Altissia, we integrate all of these elements to maximise our success in the projects entrusted to us.

What is your secret weapon for guaranteeing the success of your projects?

To guarantee the success of my projects, I’d say my secret weapon is my ability to create links between the unique needs of our clients and the pedagogical and technical resources our platform has to offer.

In each project, the secret lies in having an in-depth understanding of the client’s linguistic objectives. My superpower, if you like, is translating these objectives into personalised solutions. Whether I’m setting up a tailor-made learning path or anticipating potential questions, I make sure all stakeholders feel supported and inspired throughout the learning process.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

At Altissia, what I like the most is the pedagogical value that is at the heart of our mission.

Every day, I witness our users’ linguistic achievements, their tangible progress. It’s like being the guide of a linguistic expedition, making the road to mastering a new language easier. It’s far more than just a simple business transaction; it’s a passionate educational adventure in which I directly contribute to enriching our clients’ language skills.

Helping individuals to overcome language barriers, to develop their confidence and to open doors to new opportunities thanks to language learning is an incredible source of satisfaction for me. It makes my role far more than just an Account Manager, it’s an experience in which education becomes a collaborative adventure, and that’s what inspires and motivates me every day!

How does having a single point of contact make a difference for your clients and how does this work at Altissia?

Having a dedicated contact person at Altissia comes with numerous advantages for the client:

  • Smooth, centralised communication
  • In-depth understanding of needs
  • Time savings
  • Clear responsibility
  • Trust-based relationship
  • Better reactivity
  • Efficient coordination
  • Customised services