Behind the Scenes: Isabel, Lead Account Manager

17 October 2023

In today's interview, we’re happy to introduce our readers to Isabel de Cassia Magalhaes Medeiros and her role as an Account Manager at Altissia's Brazilian office.

We had a conversation with her to understand more about the challenges of being a project manager. Having held this position for two years now, Isabel tells us that her goal is to take care of the relationship between Altissia and its Brazilian customers in order not only to report on how a project is going, but also to support and monitor it in its different actions.

Based on this premise, in this interview, Isabel tells us a little about her origins and her routine, how it felt to leave her area of expertise (electrical engineering) to be an Account Manager, the challenges she has faced and the importance of her work as a bridge between customers and the language lessons that Altissia provides to everyone. Isabel generously highlights the key factors for her successful work to motivate language learners.

Can you tell us a bit about who you are and what you do at Altissia?

I am 39 years old, mother of Dora and Betina, and was born and have always lived in Mogi das Cruzes. I have a degree in electrical engineering, but I have always enjoyed and worked with project management. At Altissia, I have been working as an Account Manager for two years, managing projects with public and private educational institutions from different regions of Brazil, as well as an institutional project.

What languages do you speak?

Portuguese (mother tongue), English and Spanish.

What are the key factors to ensure the quality and success of the projects you manage at Altissia?

I believe that the most important factors are being transparent and objective in the relationship with customers about everything that happens, and being well-organised for the project activities/deliveries.

What is your secret to the success of your projects?

I try to communicate effectively and develop professional relationships with everyone involved, inside and outside Altissia, in order to build trust and promote collaboration, increasing the chances of successful projects.

What are the main challenges or issues that you or your clients face and how do you solve them?

In my opinion, the main challenges are "thinking outside the box" to create speeches that motivate users to continue their studies through the language projects, and finding the balance between what should be delivered according to the contract and what can be done as an extra to satisfy the customer.

What do you like most about your job?

When the customer is satisfied with the quality of our product, when the results presented are positive, or when they bring ideas that exploit everything the language project can offer in order to engage users and to increase the partnership.

How does having a single point of contact make a difference for your customers and how does it work at Altissia?

Customers can focus their requests on a single person who will work on them, and I understand that this is a great convenience for them. At Altissia, the Account Manager has the support of the corporate areas as project resources and the experience of other AMs, both of which are essential for deliveries to be made.