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Five Ways to Keep Your Language – Learning Resolution This Year

Did you vow to finally learn a new language this year? Well what’s stopping you? No more excuses, a new year means a new beginning and now’s the perfect time to get serious about finally learning French! Or maybe you’ve been dreaming about simple ways to master English quickly. With some basic tips to get you started you can be ordering food in a restaurant in Paris in no time or finally planning that vacation to the US. Here’s five tips that can help you finally make some progress on your goal of learning another language that holds true no matter what stage of learning you are in. Get started on the adventure and a whole new you, a you that knows a new language or two, anything is possible and we’re here to help. Besides, deciding to start is half the battle, now here’s to helping you finish it, cheers!

1. Carve out a Daily Routine.

It’s simple, spend at least 15 minutes a day learning new words or reviewing what you have already learned instead of trying to cram an hour’s worth of information in one session and not looking at it again for another week. Just by reviewing the material keeps your brain focused and engaged on it long after you’ve moved on to other tasks. If you only review in long cram sessions once in a while, you’re not being effective and retaining most of the information.

2. Be Intentional with Your Goals

How many times have we all had a goal we wanted to accomplish that we’ve kept to ourselves because we didn’t want others to know until we’ve already succeeded? By sharing our goals, writing them down, we can feel more obligated or motivated to work on them as we know others are cheering us on or marking our progress. It also shows our brain that we are serious and can serve as a reminder to chip away at a seemingly impossible task little by little, day by day. Plus, you never know what new tips or tricks you may learn from someone just by mentioning you want to learn a new language.

3. Measure Your Progress

Have some way of measuring your progress, this is useful both to see what you need to work on more, or areas where you’re streaming ahead but also helps you stay realistic and focused. Learning a new language may seem an impossible task, but how about learning 25 new vocabulary words a week? Not so bad and in 4 weeks that’s a 100 new vocabulary words, which are more likely to stick than learning 100 new words all at once only to forget them a week later.

4. Have fun!

It’s no mystery that we tend to do the things more if we find them enjoyable, and we seem to procrastinate with things we find less enjoyable. If you’re committed to learning a new language, try to find ways to make it fun, whether it’s through watching movies in that language or starting a study group with a friend.

5. Find a Support System

Whether it’s an online forum, a pen pal, or just a friend, having someone there to motivate you and keep you accountable is a huge help. Find someone with their own or a similar goal and take turns motivating each other for faster progress and to keep up with it in the long run.

Share with us your own best practices to keep new year resolutions!