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Learn Dutch quickly with the ALTISSIA method

What to learn Dutch in a jiffy? ALTISSIA’s purpose is to help you achieve your goals. To guarantee you the highest rate of success and satisfaction, ALTISSIA’s teaching team has developed an effective method consisting of 4 key stages.

Practical Situations

ATISSIA has created a series of interactive activities that immerse you in situations in Dutch. Each case covers a particular topic at a particular level, which allows you to browse through lessons specifically tailored to your level as well as those which are most useful to you in your daily or professional life. To ensure complete immersion, our videos depict native speakers: Dutch is their native language.

Listening and watching a realistic situation in Dutch is the best way to discover new vocabulary and quickly learn to memorize and pronounce it correctly.

Learn Dutch Online

  • Unlimited access to 7 languages (EN, ES, DE, NL, FR, IT, PT)
  • Available for all levels
  • 24/7 access 
  • International news on your smartphone/tablet included.

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Helpful interactive exercises

ALTISSIA offers numerous interactive activities to help you practice your Dutch in different ways.

The activities and exercises offered by ALTISSIA enable you to:

  • Improve your pronunciation by comparing it to our examples;
  • Develop your spelling with our contextually-based dictations;
  • Improve your listening comprehension with our listening exercises
  • Reinforce your grammar with our many rules and progressive exercises.

All exercises are instantly corrected and additional explanations are provided to help you progress more rapidly.

Revision of key words and phrases

Once you have reached this stage, there is no doubt that you have already made real progress in Dutch. It is time to put things into practice! Review your knowledge with the aid of our interactive dictionary and its indexed pages of Dutch vocabulary. If necessary, make use of the translation, listen again to the pronunciation of each word and example sentence in Dutch and practice the pronunciation with the aid of your microphone.

You are the master of your Dutch training: you decide where and when you study, all at your own pace. A simple internet connection allows you to review the key phrases you need most.

End of lesson test

Does measuring your progress motivate you? Each lesson offers a summary test that allows you to check your new knowledge. A level test of general Dutch, giving your level on the official European scale CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) is also available at the end of each month to assess your overall progress.

Your results are stored throughout your courses. These four key steps are the foundation of our method and will help you maintain your new Dutch skills over time.
ALTISSIA’s method allows you to learn at your own pace and choose the training program that best suits your needs.

Do you need more than 5 licenses? Get in touch with us!