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Our best ambassadors
are our partners!

Our partners’ needs include:

  • Testing their students’ levels or monitoring their progress
  • Running Blended Learning language courses
  • Flipping the classroom
  • Providing their students with self-study resources

We have a solution for every need. Altissia’s teams of project developers and project managers have made it their specialty to support our prospects and partners in designing tailor-made language teaching and assessment projects.

Discover how these different partners integrate Altissia into their teaching and testing programmes and how our platform supports them on a daily basis.

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    Industrial University of Santander (UIS)

    The UIS is a public university that aims to train citizens as integral, ethical, political and innovative professionals.

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    The Community University of the Region of Chapecó – Unochapecó – is a community institution that is profoundly identified with regional development and is very attentive to the needs of the population and organisations located within its region.

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