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The Community University of the Region of Chapecó – Unochapecó – is a community institution that is profoundly identified with regional development and is very attentive to the needs of the population and organisations located within its region.

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About the University of Unochapecó


The Community University of the Region of Chapecó – Unochapecó – is a community institution that is profoundly identified with regional development and is very attentive to the needs of the population and organisations located within its region.

Brought about as an initiative of local leaders, with the aim of guaranteeing the education offering to the region’s population, it has been actively contributing to the development of western Santa Catarina for 51 years, through the training of qualified professionals, continuing education for professionals and leaders, the production and publication of new knowledge, the undertaking of community initiatives aimed at promoting economic, social, cultural, sports and health development, and social assistance initiatives.
In recent years, Unochapecó has been prioritising investments in its modernisation and its approach towards the productive sector and social organisations, enhancing its instruments of support for development, with a focus on technological innovation, flexibility, the quality of the services it provides and on the transformation of people as a privileged way of promoting development.

Therefore, a range of new courses and services have been made available and are accessible to the population and economic and social organisations of the entire region.


An “E-Learning For All” language learning project for 10,000 users from across the university (students, teachers, staff).

Why Altissia?

Altissia has been chosen due to the relevance of having been created and developed in a language centre of a university and due to its methodological approach. Altissia’s platform allows students to position themselves interactively, enabling them to build their knowledge autonomously as they can create their own learning path. Altissia’s ease of access allows the user greater flexibility in their chosen study hours, location and form of study. Altissia’s wide variety of languages can foster interest, the platform contains frequently updated authentic materials, which is an important element for the learning of foreign languages, certificates are available, and linguistic levels are guaranteed according to the CEFR global standard. Thus, Altissia meets Unochapecó needs deemed necessary for undertaking language learning that promotes autonomy, learner motivation and the basic conditions for the developing communicative skills in foreign languages.


The Solution

Altissia has deployed:

    The language course platform, monthly reports for presenting progress and the project’s results, asynchronous actions, such as sending newsletters about the project and SMS’ with motivational tips, as well as synchronous actions including information sessions, Q&A sessions, motivational webinars, digital sessions for practising languages with a teacher-moderator and digital exchanges to practise using the language as a communication tool for interculturality.




    Creating an environment of internationalisation requires the creation and implementation of various strategies of awareness-raising and engagement of the entire university community. One of Altissia’s positive aspects is that it incorporates access for all spheres of this community (administrative staff, teachers and students), thus enabling learning for all those involved in achieving the internationalisation of Unochapecó, since proficiency in foreign languages is a basic requirement for communication with the world. When considering the history of Altissia’s initiatives, improvement in linguistic levels can be seen, which means there are consequently more people with this international capability.

    • I believe that learning a new language enhances our communication skills, connecting us with professionals from diverse countries and taking advantage of the opportunities that these contacts can offer us. This heightens awareness of the world around us, as we have access to a lot of information that we wouldn’t normally have. By being proficient in a foreign language, we experience an increase in self-confidence to deal with challenging everyday situations… And consequently, the greater our skills and competences, the greater the pay in the job market will be. In summary, I believe that learning a new language makes us happier. Happier because we are able to connect with more people, make new friends, take better advantage of the personal and professional opportunities that life offers us and thus become more fulfilled. And the more fulfilled we are, the happier we are!
      As we believe in these and many other reasons, Unochapecó is making an online platform available to the entire academic community, completely free of charge, that imparts the learning of the language of your choice and interest, at a time and place suitable for your routine! Welcome to Altissia!!!

      Silvana Muraro Wildner - Vice-Dean and Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Unochapecó
    • As I work in national and international relations consultancy with initiatives of internationalisation, I realise how important proficiency in (an)other language(s) is. Unochapecó’s academic community is privileged to have a platform that offers 24 languages free of charge to encourage its students, teaching and technical staff to learn foreign languages. The platform provides diverse resources, including writing, reading, listening and speaking activities for the students to improve their skills in the language of study. Anyone who accesses and learns any of the languages knows that new possibilities can arise, such as connecting with people from different cultures, carrying out an academic exchange, standing out in the job market, participating in international publications, teaching classes and/or participating in international lectures/seminars, travelling without difficulties, amongst many others. I would love to have had this opportunity at the time I graduated, but I had to spend years of my life paying to learn English; however, for me English was a watershed moment in my life, because it was through this that I managed to experience my dream exchange and today, I can work on something I love. So, if I could give advice, it would be to learn (an)other language(s), to take advantage of this opportunity that the university is offering and to expand your opportunities in the world.

      Liana Sonza - International Affairs Adviser of the Institution, Unochapecó
    •  Altissia’s success story at Unochapecó has come about due to the support of management and the organisation and planning of initiatives, which primarily aim to introduce students to the platform’s functionalities and benefits. Knowing the study environment can generate motivation and autonomy for our students and considering that teaching and learning foreign languages is one of the essential skills to be developed by the Unochapecó community to enable the expansion of initiatives of internationalisation, Altissia has become a very attractive means for the study of foreign languages.

      Rosane Meneguetti - Professor of the Languages Course at Unochapecó

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