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Success story

Industrial University of Santander (UIS)

The UIS is a public university that aims to train citizens as integral, ethical, political and innovative professionals.

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About the Industrial University of Santander


It promotes research, scientific, technological and social innovation, artistic creation and culture, and builds collaborative processes and social trust for the anticipation of opportunities, the recognition of challenges and the construction of solutions for one’s needs and its environment.

By 2030, the Industrial University of Santander wants to be recognized on the national and international scene as an intellectual, ethical and diverse community that educates people to face the challenges of the world, that is open to new ways of thinking and that manages knowledge for the advancement and transformation of society and culture towards improving the quality of life.

The drivers

One of the objectives set by Hernán Porras Diaz, Rector of the UIS, is to ensure that – by 2025 – all UIS students graduate being fluent in a second language.

Proficiency in a foreign language is considered as a comparative advantage of the University; it is something which positions the UIS on the international scene and opens doors to postgrad programs and to the professional world for their students. It also attracts foreign students and allows a smooth communication process between them and the administrative and teaching staff.

Based on the same drivers, the University is planning to start teaching regular classes in other languages, for different disciplines and across all faculties, which means that the whole University community needs to get prepared for this paradigm shift.

Why Altissia ?

Various language solutions were assessed by different instances such as the Languages Institute, the Language School and the foreign relations office.

The UIS wanted to ensure that the solution would be user-friendly, intuitive and fit for true beginners. Also, they were looking for several languages and real-life content. Taking into account the aforementioned criteria, the implementation model and its program-based approach, Altissia was considered the most suitable option.

The solution

Altissia offered an “E-Learning For All” program (ELFA) to the whole University community, across the 9 campus, including students, teachers, administrative staff, and graduates. This highly facilitates the project’s management process and allows for much greater efficiency, at all levels.

Altissia deployed:

  • The learning platform

    With 22 courses

  • The level test

  • A custom
    reporting service

  • A pedagogical
    support strategy

    for the University language teachers

  • A program
    management Strategy

    including landing page, communication plan, motivational strategy, etc.

The project focuses on different audiences, each one pursuing its own objectives. The postgraduate and doctoral students, for example, are relying on Altissia’s level test to get prepared for international certifications. Language teachers also use Altissia’s content in a blended fashion, to reinforce the content of their classes.

With the help of their language institute and the language School, the UIS also started to offer a Spanish blended program to its foreign students.


Through the first years of project, the most popular languages have been English, French, Portuguese, German and Italian.

The whole University community has the opportunity to access the platform and some priority audiences have been defined (postgraduate students, teachers, foreign students, etc).

The UIS is able to see tangible results from their language strategy:

  • The university continues to consolidate its position as one of the leading universities in Colombia, with above average results in the Saber Pro exam
  • Their mobility program has expanded
  • The communication process between the admin staff, the teachers and the foreign students has improved
  • The postgraduate students have expressed great satisfaction towards the opportunity to get trained for their international certification and the number of certifications obtained each year continues to increase

  • “Working with Altissia has been a new and interesting experience because it provides a whole new world of possibilities for the students in the process of learning new languages which will help them in their professional lives.”

    Karolyne Dayan Silva Otalora - UIS Foreign Relations Office
  • “Altissia has been a great investment by the University. It is an important support tool in the language learning process and has allowed us to raise awareness in students to improve their level in a foreign language, this in order to create new research and development paths for the university community not only in Latin America but in non-Spanish-speaking countries.”

    Laura Alejandra Prada Vesga - UIS Foreign Relations Office
  • “The generation, dissemination and application of knowledge takes place in essence in an international environment, therefore, the members of our academic community must interact with peers from different countries and cultures. Our foreign relations office is aware of the importance of having a platform that promotes the development of competencies not only in English as a second language but in multiple languages. Altissia has become a key ally for this great purpose.”


    Carlos Enrique Vecino Arenas - Director of Foreign Relations Office UIS

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