Rennes Language Center


Rennes Language Center is a language learning center for adults based in the north of France.

The center has been using Altissia’s platform since 2021 as part of the complete learning experience offered to their learners. The aim: To improve and develop learners’ language skills through a complete learning experience.


What was Rennes Language Center looking for?

  • A language assessment to test learners at the start of their course
  • A flexible and user-friendly learning platform
  • High-quality pedagogical content
  • A platform that can also be used for blended learning

What Altissia Provided

A license-based partnership which includes:

  • Language assessment in French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Italian
  • Language course platform (in 5 learning languages, A1-C1 levels – Guided learning paths – Free browsing mode – News section)
  • A custom monitoring service to facilitate teacher follow-up and blended learning
  • A pedagogical support strategy
  • A program management strategy
  • A dedicated landing page for the school
  • Our app

What impact and results did Altissia’s solution have at Rennes Language Center?

The platform provides flexibility for the teaching team, who can access all the content through the catalogues and use it in their blended learning courses as they see fit. The students are provided with user-friendly and effective e-learning.


Do you want to know more about Altissia’s solution for Rennes Language Center?

“User-friendly and effective e-learning for our language learners.”


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