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Why spelling is so important? – Part II


Bad spelling can hinder your chances of finding your soul mate or landing a job.

A 2016 survey of 5,500 American singles, carried out by online dating site Match.com, found that 39% judged the suitability of candidates by their grasp of grammar – ranking that higher than their smile, dress sense or even the state of their teeth.

Research shows that as soon as people spot a spelling mistake on a website, they’re likely to leave because they fear it could be fraudulent. This could even go as far as damaging a company’s image or making them lose money.

There have been several court cases dealing with spelling issues. The most explicit example is the recently settled case of Taylor & Sons, in the UK, where a multimillion-pound legal battle was waged over a mistake involving a single missing letter.

In addition, a lack of spelling proficiency can be a barrier to getting a good job.

Some employees have to deal with customer service enquiries via Twitter or Facebook. This might be the only interaction customers have with that company, so the quality of the message, the use of language, is fundamental. It might be just as important as a friendly face in a shop or a kind voice over the phone.

Good spelling skills are therefore more essential than ever. Make sure you avoid making mistakes and ensure you have impeccable grammar!

Here are10 commonly misspelled words that simply don’t exist!

Hopefully you can now commit these to memory and get them right the next time.