Altissia's Pedagogical Approach - Quality Tools for Language Teaching

22 May 2023

Altissia’s method has been developed by a team of pedagogical experts and experienced teachers to offer you an effective and personally relevant learning experience.

Learners can rely on the effectiveness of our pedagogical approaches and methods, as our principles and online content are based on the recommendations and benchmarks outlined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The CEFR language proficiency standards are recognized worldwide, which can help facilitate occupational, educational or leisure mobility.

Our Approach

The principles that drive Altissia’s approach are in line with the CEFR’s recommendations for communicative and action-based learning, both of which view the learners as active participants in their linguistic development. The focus of the communicative approach is on effective and meaningful communication rather than, for example, rote memorization of grammar rules and vocabulary lists that you find with a more traditional method of teaching and learning. The use of contextualized content is key. Learners are encouraged to actively use authentic language in real-life situations, resulting in more relevant and deeper engagement throughout the learning process.

Like the communicative approach, the action-based approach encourages and fosters learner agency. Learners use the skills they already have to complete specific tasks, known on Altissia’s platform as “missions”, such as welcoming a new colleague, presenting a product, renting a flat or planning a meal. Even though each mission has a specific end goal, learners can reinforce and master broader skills through the completion of various tasks along the way to achieving the main objective.

Our Method

Altissia offers a coherent teaching program, combining complementary e-learning and blended learning methods. Both methods provide learners with the flexibility and independence they need under optimal conditions for themselves and their busy schedules. They benefit from the flexibility and personalization of e-learning, while enjoying the interaction and support offered by blended learning. With Altissia, learners have the opportunity to participate in live classes, for instance, providing them with interactive support that helps to maintain motivation and activate the language skills acquired.

Learners are equipped with a personalized learning path containing structured and relevant content to help them make progress. Altissia’s system creates this learning path based on an individual needs analysis and the results of an adaptive language assessment, in which question difficulty is determined by the learner’s previous answers. This generates an accurate, individual assessment of their level of vocabulary, grammar, listening and reading comprehension, based on the CEFR. The resulting learning path contains appropriately challenging lessons and missions suited to the learner’s needs and objectives, but if they wish to review the basics or simply wish to complete lessons at random, they’re free to do so. They are in control of their learning – and we are here to help.

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