LUNEX University – International University of Health, Exercise & Sports, Luxembourg


LUNEX is an international university of Health, Exercise & Sports, located in Luxembourg.

As English is its primary global academic language, LUNEX uses Altissia’s language assessments to test applicants' language levels and Altissia’s language courses in its Pre-Bachelor Foundation Program. Its targets: Optimize the admissions process through automated language testing and provide linguistic support for students.


What was LUNEX looking for?

Lunex initially expressed two separate needs:

  • An online language assessment to spend less time testing applicants
  • A form of linguistic support to use in a blended-learning-type setting for their students

What Altissia Provided

Altissia was able to answer both needs at once with an E-Learning for All project:

  • Language assessments with unlimited access to English tests
  • E-learning via the language course platform (in 5 learning languages, A1-C1 levels – Guided learning paths – Free browsing mode – News section)
  • A custom monitoring service
  • A pedagogical support strategy
  • A program management strategy
  • A dedicated landing page for the school

What impact and results did Altissia’s solutions have at LUNEX?

“After the first year of use, implementing the Altissia solutions has had a very positive and lasting impact on a financial level, working time, and the time students spend learning on the blended learning platform.”
Timothy Driscoll – Head of the Pre-Bachelor Foundation Program


Do you want to know more about Altissia’s solution for LUNEX?

“[Altissia’s] solutions have helped the whole university!”

Timothy Driscoll – Head of the Pre-Bachelor Foundation Program


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