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A complete Italian course online

Are you for 100% online Italian courses? ALTISSIA’s courses enable you to become an expert in Italian. Our online courses are available for all levels: from complete beginner to advanced without any restrictions.

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From beginner to advanced level

ALTISSIA’s online courses are available to everyone, regardless of level. Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced speaker, you will find activities suited to your level.

An ALTISSIA subscription gives you access to all levels. You can review your basic knowledge of grammar whenever you want, for example, while following the daily news or improving your professional Italian.

Business Italian

Among the available courses, the business Italian course includes a set of topics to enable you to learn everything you need in the workplace. You will learn to participate in meetings in Italian, argue and defend your point of view as well as to sell and showcase products and services.

After this course, you will feel totally confident introducing yourself, answering the telephone in Italian, and writing business e-mails including selecting the most appropriate way to sign off.

Everyday Italian

Learn everyday spoken Italian online.

Different forms of interactive vocabulary will teach you the Italian skills needed for traveling, shopping in Rome, taking a taxi in Milan, booking a hotel for a city trip, asking for the bill at a restaurant, understanding and communicating easily with native Italian speakers regardless of their accent and much, much more.

Adaptative level test

Do you want to test your level of Italian and evaluate the areas you want to improve? Each subscription to ALTISSIA’s lessons includes an online Italian test which compares your level to European Standards (CEFR). The result of your test can be measured on the official European Union scale (CEFR): From beginner Italian level A1, to intermediate B1 to totally bilingual C2. The European level is recognized by most employers and is therefore particularly useful to include on your C.V.

The results of your tests are carefully maintained to enable you to track your progress over the weeks.

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Helpful Exercises

Practice makes perfect. Practice with multiple choice, gap filling exercises and other types of interactive methods specifically designed to help you learn Italian quickly. You will be immersed in realistic situations that encourage you to use what you have learned. With ALTISSIA you can do what you want, you are entirely free to choose your exercises.

Discover the method that best helps you to quickly learn to speak Italian with confidence and ease.

Learn Italian Online

  • 6 languages (EN, ES, DE, NL, FR, IT)
  • Available for all levels
  • 24/7 access 
  • International news on your smartphone/tablet included.
Do you need more than 5 licenses? Get in touch with us!